24 March 2014

Day One with a BANG!

Well I'm trying it again..Im going to put myself on a strategic 16-week running schedule. 16 weeks till my much anticipated first KneeKnacker 50km... im STOKED!  Notoriously known as the toughest 50km trail race and quite the lottery process to get in
. This event is flawlessly ran.. and the energy is CRAZY GOOD!  im really excited and honoured to be racing this event!! Thank you KneeKnacker Committee.. xo.

Sunday's Cap Crusher (a gem of a race put on by talented and budding race director team duo Geoff Langford and Gary Robbins, these two guys have an immense love and passion for the sport and the trail experience they create.. through their combined experience they understand what it takes to organize a Great race and racer experience!) thx Guys! (and all their awesome Volunteers too!!)

What a kickoff!  Day one - scheduled 10 miles. actual 8mile hill race + 5mile flat easy seawall.  Im gonna be completely honest, the Race, the Cap Crusher 13km KICKED MY BUTT.  WOw.. that was hilly terrain, straight up.. straight down..up, down..up..down!  My hams and quads were trashed!  I Love a good, fun challenge with great spirit and that's exactly what i received.

 SOOo.. how does it all play out?!
the previous evening... 'Hmmmm!' walking circles, looking puzzled, the little guy notices, why not ask his advice?.. at six years old he feels confident that he now has most of his answers.. (Life is figured out, play. eat. sleep. school. bathrooms. best friends, running and trains (a trainmaster, an expert in his mind as his fascination over trains started at two years.. yep, my boy very proudly wants to be a train engineer to bring back the spirit of the Steam locomotive.. however with a clean and sustainable mode of energy. like his Dad, he can talk you through ever part of a train and how it works. RAmblings.. when you really listen, kids have cool things to say as it comes from a limited or limitless imagination.))...back to the story.
'Kid, what should MUm wear to run in tomorrow morning's race? pants or shorts?',
the brilliance of this kid, he responds,
'Well MUmmy, if you would like to go fast, wear shorts so you'll be cold, then you'll have to run fast to stay warm!'.  Yah! Right! The kids' been listening real well.. the funniest is when I hear, 'MUm.. i need more elec..tro.lytes (in broken kindergarden talk) and water. My pee...eeee is really yellow.' as he stares inside the toilet bowl. Hhaahaha.. love that kid! Makes me smile.

ok.. Shorts (3/4 tights.. Im such a wimp in the cold) wool armsleeve, a sugoi Bremners tee (Im such a huge fan of this Man's incredible spirit and vitality, as well as his delicious natural fruit juices, talk about eating locally his organic blueberry farms are a stones throw away.) and a 'Sinister 7' race buff.. i hit the trails.. Im feeling great, hills are fun, air is fresh, views are UNBELIEVABLY BREATHTAKING.  ..but wait, woOH! pace is picking up, my heart is already pumping, im 20 minutes in.. wow! intense!

okay.. remember. have fun. push hard... keep going
..legs feel intensely heavy. ha!  :)

So what a great starting marker!
This is me :) at my base.. im super excited to track my own progress though these next hard 16 weeks... the hardest part.. the routine!  How I plan to overcome this is by creating a support network around me. (weekly group runs with SOLE Experience, daily text check-ins with a great friend also on a running program, monthly races, weekly planning and goal setting.. and a four weeks self-indulging reward).. wish me luck while i forge new patterns and habits.
photo: Gemma M. Slaughter

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Brad Holmes said...

Im starting a run plan as well Im doing the Haliburton Forrest100miler , stay injury free, wings on your feet